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"Whole Hog" by Phillip Meyer,
Texas Monthly Magazine, August 2011 

"Preparing Venison, From Field to Plate"
by Cecilia Nasti,
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Tink Pinkard


I was born into a dedicated family of hunters and began hunting birds, small game, deer and feral hogs at a young age.  My passion for the chase led me to the Northwest, where I began fair chase guiding of larger animals, such as mule deer and elk.  It was here that I began to struggle with the idea of hunting for trophies versus hunting for food.  This struggle is what brought me back to my native land of Texas, realizing that my idea of hunting is more about the pursuit of food and not the pursuit of horns.  My goal is to educate my clients in this school of thought, and show you how to utilize the entire animal from nose to tail.  I can show you proper safety, hunting, handling and preparation of each species.  I am always in the pursuit of new land-owners in Texas that would like to implement responsible game management through ethical hunting practices of white tail deer, exotic species and feral hogs.  Contact me for more information.    

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