Hunter, Fly-Fisherman, Butcher

Tink Pinkard

About Tink

Tink grew up in Oberlin, Louisiana in his grandfather’s butcher shop.  As both a lamb farmer and butcher, his grandfather taught him both the ebb and flow of raising animals, and the processing of them.  His father worked as an oilman offshore, and was only home 2 weeks out of the month.  During his time inland, however, he would take Tink to the woods throughout Louisiana and Texas and teach him how to hunt and fish.  It was here that Tink found his love of the land, and spent every minute he could either in the pasture with his grandfather, or in the woods with his father. 

Tink himself spent a few months after high school on the offshore rigs.  Being away from his beloved inland pastimes offered a new venture for him: saltwater fly-fishing.  He honed his craft on the shores of Rockport, shortly before entering college.

He attended and graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Geography.  His degree offered him new perspectives in land management and mapping. 

After graduating, Tink moved to West Yellowstone, Montana to work at a fly-fishing resort.  He spent the majority of his off time on the water, be it Hebgen Lake or the pristine rivers of Yellowstone National Park and the surrounding areas.  It was here he began to guide clients in the art of fresh water fly-fishing. 

Montana offers a wonderful opportunity for so many outdoor activities year round, and when the summer season ended and the snows began to fall, Tink was hired to work at the Flyin’ D Ranch in Gallatin Gateway, Montana.  It was here he polished his craft as a hunting guide, and learned the art of fair chase hunting for elk and mule deer. 

While Montana is an outdoorsman’s play land, Texas was home.  He wanted to find a place that was as passionate about food with integrity as he was, and a place that would offer him ample opportunity to ply his trades.  The Texas Hill Country proved to be that utopia.  Together with his wife, they moved to Austin.  It is here that he works to promote local, sustainable food practices, as well as responsible land and game management.  


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